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Virtual Workshop #11

Explore the outdoors responsibly with this new workshop dedicated to helping Bobcats explore the wonders that surround us.

Virtual Workshop #10

From walking to scootering to skating to biking to even taking the bus, these modes of transportation will help shrink your carbon footprint. Learn more about the importance of active and alternative modes of transportation.

Virtual Workshop #9

From environmental health, fire and life safety, to hazardous waste management the Texas State Environmental, Health, Safety, Risk and Emergency Management team does it all.

Virtual Workshop #8

Both beautiful and hardworking, native plants serve an important role in our environment. Take in their beauty and find out more about their positive impact on our earth.

Virtual Workshop #7

We'll put all your recycling questions and apprehensions to rest in this workshop that focuses on waste management. Every day we discover new ways to decrease our footprint.

Virtual Workshop #6

Using our dishwasher, rainwater collection, and environmental activism are just some ways we can conserve our most precious resource. Enjoy our latest workshop to find out more.

Virtual Workshop #5

From little changes like reusable shopping bags to bigger, bolder lifestyle changes, the Office of Sustainability is here with tips and ideas to support your green goals. We are excited to launch our 2021 virtual workshop series.

Virtual Workshop #4

Tis the season to get creative with your sustainability goals. From brown bagging your wrapping paper to green gift ideas, this workshop will get you motivated.

Virtual Workshop #3

OoS is talking turkey and fixins' in our 3rd Workshop. We're giving thanks for our Bobcat Community's commitment to protecting our environment by sharing even more great ways to stay the sustainable course through the holidays.

Virtual Workshop #2

Click through our next "Making Green the New Maroon" workshop for some really creative ideas to be sustainable while enhancing everything from your wardrobe to your workspace.

Virtual Workshop #1

Introducing the Office of Sustainability Making Green the New Maroon Virtual Workshop Series! Find simple and awesome ideas to incorporate into your daily routine for a greener lifestyle.

Sustainability Graduation Cord

Be recognized for your sustainable achievements and contributions by applying for the Sustainability Recognition Graduation Cord.

Environmental Service Fee

University students, faculty, staff, alumni or members of the San Marcos Community may apply for funding for a project, improvement or event.