Sustainable Student Organizations

Sustainability Squad is a chartered organization through the Office of Sustainability and is dedicated to helping shape and improving the university's sustainability initiatives for campus development in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability. Squad members work with campus departments and help train campus members in order to increase awareness of the importance of different campus initiatives. 

Sustainability Squad is both a volunteering organization and a professional development organization. Squad members will participate in different volunteering opportunities and will also have the opportunity to network with sustainability professionals. All volunteer and educational events are centered on the three pillars of sustainability - environment, equity, and the economy. 

Agricultural Sciences

The Agricultural Sciences department has a several student organizations to get involved in. Including the award winning composting program, Bobcat Blend , the honey bee preservation program, Bobcat Buzz, the blooming Horticulture Club, and the newly established sustainable student farm, Bobcat Farm, located on Freeman Ranch. 

person kneeling gardening
students measuring turtle shell for biology research


The Biology department has a wide variety of student organizations that enhance professional development and academic success. From microscopic life to aquatic & terrestrial life, the Biology department has a variety of student organizations focused on all forms of biology. 

Geography & Environ. Studies

The department of Geography and Environmental Studies has a wide variety of student organizations for all Bobcats to get involved in. From professional development to community enhancement, all students of all majors are welcomed to join these organizations. 

student doing field work in front of tree
person gardening

Additional Resources

To explore all of the student organizations available here at Texas State, check out the Student Involvement page for a full list of student organizations and their contacts. 

Sustainability Graduation Cord

Be recognized for your sustainable achievements and contributions by applying for the Sustainability Recognition Graduation Cord.

Environmental Service Fee

University students, faculty, staff, alumni or members of the San Marcos Community may apply for funding for a project, improvement or event.