Sustainability Internship & Fellowship Program

The goals of the program are to bring students together from a variety of backgrounds to create a holistic team that works to create a culture of sustainability at Texas State University and to foster sustainable leaders who will expand the goals of sustainable development into their individual fields

What is the Sustainability Internship Program?

The Sustainability Internship is a paid year-long position that allows students to gain internship credit in order to graduate. While in the program, Sustainability Interns gain experience working with sustainability professionals from both on and off campus. Sustainability Interns will assist with daily campus operations, assist with sustainability programming and in addition, will be responsible for a special project. Sustainability Interns will learn how to identify the current problems society is facing and learn how to develop creative solutions that address all three pillars of sustainability. At the fulfillment of the internship program, Students will receive a Sustainability Recognition Graduation Cord.

The Internship Program is open to any Texas State Undergraduate students and includes research opportunities for Graduate students. 

What is the Sustainability Fellowship Program?

The Sustainability Fellowship program is designed to provide students the opportunity to work in collaboration with campus and community partners on projects, programs, and research all dedicated to sustainability. Through the program, Sustainability Fellows make lifelong connections that will support them for the rest of their careers. The Fellowship involves a one-term project taking place within one academic semester (Fall or Spring) that is supported by the Office of Sustainability and a partnering department and/or division. At the fulfillment of the Fellowship program, students will create an end of term deliverable, highlighting the program’s successes and individual professional development. Students accepted into the Sustainability Fellowship program will earn internship credit for their degree and a Sustainability Recognition Graduation Cord.

The Fellowship Program is open to any Texas State University student. 

Previous Sustainability Interns & Fellows

Drake Blanchard

man standing in front of trees

Sustainability Intern August ‘22 - August ’23

Current Profession: Data Coordinator with Great Springs Project

Haley Johnson

Student in graduation attire

Sustainability Intern August '19 - December '19

Thesis: Macro and Micro Litter Accumulation in the San Marcos River San Marcos, Texas, USA 
Current Profession: Graduate Researcher at California Riverside

"My favorite memory was meeting with students, staff, and faculty to tell them about our office and hearing their ideas for how to make their office more sustainable. Also hosting events to increase knowledge about sustainable practices and interacting with student organizations."


Eva Nobles

student graduate tossing flowers in air

Sustainability Intern August ‘22 - May ’23 

Honors Thesis: Sustainable Student Body: Impacting the Next Generation Through Educational Outreach 
Current Profession: Business Outreach Specialist Jefferson County, Colorado

“I had several internships at TXST, but the Educational Outreach position with the OoS was by far my favorite. I had the opportunity to take ownership of my own projects while working alongside a brilliant team. I felt supported and encouraged while preparing to graduate and join the workforce.” 

Mitchel Sabourin

selfie image of a man standing infront of a garden

Sustainability Intern August '20 - August '22

Current Profession: Wildlife Conservation Researcher - Chile

Annalisa Garcia - Shockley

image of woman standing in front of brick wall outside

Sustainability Intern October '19 - May '20

Current Profession: Environmental Investigator for Seattle & King County Public Health 

"The internship position at OoS taught me how to engage with different departments across TXST to create sustainability goals and projects. I learned a lot about how collaboration and education is key with sustainability projects. I've carried this with me to my current position and have learned that even big cities rely on collaboration to keep communities engaged and educated about topics that are not brought up as frequently."


Elijah Cardenas

image of student at graduation

Sustainability Fellow January ‘23 - May ’23

Sustainable Salamander Manager & Editor 

Quincey Pugh

image of woman in front of a brick wall outside

Sustainability Intern January '20 - August '20

Current Profession: Resource Recovery Program Coordinator City of San Marcos

"I have so many good memories while I interned for the Office of Sustainability and I would have to say planning the Farmers Market Day even though it had to be canceled due to COVID was my favorite because I was able to learn new skills. This position really sparked my passion for sustainability here in San Marcos."


Juan Martinez

selfie picture

Sustainability Intern November '18 - May '19

Current Profession: Sustainability Coordinator for the Center for Urban Agriculture & Sustainability Houston, TX

"My favorite memory was knowing that Texas State was headed in the right direction by creating the Office of Sustainability. I knew that once I left Texas State, the fight to do what is right had only begun!"


Sustainability Graduation Cord

Be recognized for your sustainable achievements and contributions by applying for the Sustainability Recognition Graduation Cord.

Environmental Service Fee

University students, faculty, staff, alumni or members of the San Marcos Community may apply for funding for a project, improvement or event.