A Cleaner Campus Starts Here is a collaborative campaign between Texas State's Office of Sustainability and Environmental, Health, Safety, Risk and Emergency Management that brings attention to environmental stewardship

Starts Here

As TXST Bobcats, it is our responsibility to show our care and pride for our campus. We can each do this by ensuring our trash goes in the trash or recycling bin and picking up litter we find around campus. Taking care of our campus and community starts here.  

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Texas State University is situated on highly sensitive areas that include recharge zones for the Edwards Aquifer and the headwaters for the San Marcos River at Spring Lake. Both of these unique natural features are home to several endangered species like the San Marcos Fountain Darter, Texas Wild Rice, the Texas Blind Salamander, and the San Marcos Salamander, who all depend on the protection of these waters. 

The water quality is negatively impacted by contaminants sourced from litter, and water quality will greatly degrade when litter and other pollutants accumulate in these natural areas. This accumulation not only threatens the existence of wildlife, but also the water quality of downstream users. All water flows to the coast which includes the litter and other pollutants that enter streams and rivers along the way.


people posing with litter grabbers and litter in front of old main

Campus Cleanups

Get involved with campus cleanups and help protect our beautiful campus.
person with litter grabber and litter

Solo Cleanups

Interested in hosting your own clean up? Check out a cleanup kit to host a solo or group cleanup yourself.

Our Home

Bobcat pride starts with our beautiful campus. Here at Texas State University we take great pride in our crystal-clear river, meditative nature trails, and lush green spaces. Maintaining these pristine natural areas for all members of the community and for future Bobcats to enjoy is our collective responsibility