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Office of Sustainability

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability has three foundational pillars: Environment, Social, and Economy. Sustainability addresses how these three pillars work together and how this interdisciplinary field impacts every single one of us. Sustainability is the ability to provide for current human population growth, development, and living needs without destroying or depleting our limited resources, the environment, or other requirements for future populations to exist at the same or better standards. A transition to sustainable standards of food and energy production, among other things, is necessary for our Earth to remain suitable for future generations of life.


The environment is linked to every single one of us. How we as humans interact with the environment impacts our present and our future, as a collective whole. 


Sustainability allows us to take a look at how we as a society work together. Together we can pave the way for a more equitable and sustainable future for all communities. 


Sustainable development helps support the local economy as well as job creation, strategizing for a prosperous future, and ensuring that everyone has a role within the economy without jeopardizing the health of the environment and well-being of communities. 


Volunteer with Us

Work with the Sustainability Squad and volunteer in different events that are all centered around sustainable development.

Volunteers at 2022 Great Texas River Clean Up