Sustainability Graduation Cords

Be recognized for your sustainable achievements and contributions by applying for the Sustainability Recognition Graduation Cord. 

To receive the Sustainability Recognition Graduation Cord (SRGC), you must complete the Self-Tracking form with 60 or more sustainability focused volunteer and/or credit hours that meet the requirements below. If you are a transfer or graduate student, only 45 hours are required.

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Spring 2024 Graduation deadline Monday April 22nd 5:00 p.m.

Submit the completed self reporting form to

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Sustainability Focused Courses

For courses to be considered sustainability focused, the course title and/or description must include primary attention to sustainability. This includes courses that have explicitly defined and addressed the pillars of sustainable development (environmental, equity, and economic), discuss and/or are related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and/or have explicitly defined the course as relating to the ecological and social or economic system as it relates to sustainability issues.  

SRGC Requirements

  • All volunteer efforts must be sustainability focused
  • Reported volunteer efforts must not be considered as employment nor court ordered community service
  • For credit hours, the course code will represent the number of hours to report. For example, if you completed SOCI 3323 Sociology of Consumption you would report 3 credit hours.
  • Monetary compensation must not be accepted for volunteer efforts
  • Only 45 hours are required if you are a transfer or graduate student
  • For volunteer work, the duration of volunteering will equal the number of hours earned. For example, if you work a volunteer shift at the food bank for 5 hours, then you will report 5 volunteer hours.

Questions about the SRGC?

Email us at with questions or for more information regarding the Sustainability Recognition Graduation Cord. 

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