Green Greek

Cultivating sustainable leaders, enhancing stewardship and fostering community. 

What is Green Greek?

Green Greek is a program designed to enhance sustainability by fostering a culture of environmental responsibility in the TXST Greek community. Through increasing recycling rates, reducing contamination and heightening awareness, the program aims to instill lasting behavioral changes, creating a more sustainable community.  

In addition to the Green Greek training program, participating organizations will have the opportunity to take part in the recycling competition portion. The chapter with the highest recycling rate and lowest contamination rate will be awarded the Green Greek Award. 

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Participation Eligibility

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Green Greek Training Program 

Organizations that are in good standing and are registered with the Texas State University Fraternity and Sorority Life are eligible to participate. This includes chapters that are part of the Interfraternity Councils, Multicultural Greek Councils, National Pan-Hellenic Councils, and Panhellenic Councils. 

Green Greek Panhellenic Recycling Competition

Panhellenic chapters that participate in the Green Greek Training program and Panhellenic chapters that currently reside in a residence within the City of San Marcos boundary are eligible for the recycling competition. 

Enroll in the Green Greek Program

1. Elect a Sustainability Chair

In order to bring the Green Greek program to your organization, a Sustainability Chair must be appointed to someone in your chapter. The Sustainability Chair will be the primary point of contact between their Greek chapter and the Office of Sustainability. This connection is vital for obtaining support, resources, and guidance in the recycling competition. Additionally, the Sustainability Chair can explore opportunities for community service initiatives with the Sustainability Office. 

2. Complete & Submit Registration Form

Once your Sustainability Chair has been elected, complete and submit the registration form found at the bottom of this page. 

3. Introductory Presentation

Once the registration form is submitted, an introductory presentation will be sent to the registered chapter's Sustainability Chair. The Sustainability Chair's key task is to present an introductory session that educates chapter members about the Green Greek program which includes the training workshops and optional recycling competition. The presentation will emphasize the program's focus on sustainable practices and outline the rules, goals, and expectations. 

4. Training Presentations

Once the introductory presentation is completed, the Sustainability Chair will host a total of 3 trainings on varying topics related to sustainability. All trainings are pre-recorded presentations and are provided to the chapter. 

Each training presentation can be found on the Green Greek Canvas site. 

5. Social Media Post

The chapter must share a social media post highlighting their commitment to sustainability and the Green Greek program. The post should include key initiatives and workshop insights. Chapters are encouraged to use the hashtag #TXSTGreenGreek on their social media posts. 

6. Complete & Submit Certification Completion Form

In order to complete the Green Greek Certification Program, each chapter must submit a Certification Completion form, found below, by April 26, 2024.

Green Greek Certification Program Requirements:

  • The Introductory Presentation + 3 Training Presentations are completed.
  • Presentations are held in front of at least 50% of the chapter's members. 
  • Proof of participation is included in the Certification Completion form. Proof of participation can be an image of the chapter participating in each of the training presentations OR an attendance sheet with all members who completed the training.

Green Greek Panhellenic Recycling Competition

Panhellenic chapters that participate in the Green Greek Training program and whose chapters reside in a residence within the City of San Marcos boundary are eligible for the recycling competition.

Waste Audits

During the month of April (Earth Month), waste audits will be conducted at each participating Greek Life residences to compare recycling rates and contamination rates. In order to participate, the chapter's house must be within the City of San Marcos boundary and must have a curbside recycling receptacle provided by the City of San Marcos.

Competition Registration Deadline

In order to compete in the Recycling Competition portion of the Green Greek program, organizations must submit a registration form by Friday March 22, 2024. 

The registration form can be found below. 

How to Win?

The organization who has the most recycling and least contamination within their curbside recycling receptacles will win the Green Greek Award.  


Register your organization today and become a certified Green Greek chapter at TXST!

Certification Completion Form

Deadline to submit: April 26, 2024.

Impact Waste Generation in Texas

The average Texan sends approximately 4.5 - 7 lbs. of waste to the landfill every day.

Training Presentations

All training presentations are pre-recorded and provided by the TXST Office of Sustainability and the City of San Marcos Resource Recovery Division.

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Join the Green Greek Training Canvas Site

In order to access all training materials and resources, please use the link below and join the Green Greek Canvas site. 


For questions about the Green Greek program contact the TXST Office of Sustainability at 

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